How to Protect Your Audio Equipment from Damage

Spending thousands of dollars on audio gear can be quite a waste if after a while your equipment is damaged or stolen. However, you can take some precautions. I will list some of the most common-sense measures that you should undertake in order to protect your investment.

If you just bought some high-end loudspeakers then chances are that you have spent thousands of dollars. However, you don’t want the speakers to get damaged or stolen. In order to protect your speakers, you always make sure that the amplifier which is connected to the speakers is never driven beyond the wattage for which the speakers are rated. Also, when connecting or disconnecting cables from the amplifier make sure that the amplifier switched off. Otherwise the can be out plops which can easily damage to speaker. Chances are that in that case …

How to Distribute Music in Your Home?

Most people dread having to drill holes into the walls when distributing music in their homes. However, the fact is that in many situations you will need to distribute music from one location to several other rooms in your house. Bluetooth promises to be the solution for this problem. Vendors are offering different devices such as a transmitter and a Bluetooth receiver in order to wireless stream music. These devices can also be used for streaming from portable devices such as cell phones.

Let me discuss some of the most commonly available technologies. Bluetooth as mentioned in the previous paragraph is ideal if you have a portable device which supports this protocol. Unfortunately, Bluetooth has a fairly limited range. Typically you will not be able to get more than 100 feet of range under ideal circumstances.

wireless speakers with an iPod cradle

As an alternative, I …

Selecting Some Suitable Audio Cables

Audio cables are quite important in terms of impacting the performance of an audio system. Trying to save some money by purchasing some inferior connectors can easily spell trouble. Let’s just think about RCA connectors. These connectors have an inner conductor and the plug which connects to the RCA jack of your equipment has sleeves which establishes a connection between the cable ground and the ground of your equipment. Some inferior RCA cables have leaves that will get loose fairly easily. That means that the ground connection can be severed if there’s slight movement on the cable. If only be in a conductor is connected then there will be degradation in the audio unless there’s a separate ground connection between the two pieces of equipment which are connected.

A poor ground connection usually translates into hum. This hum is sometimes …

How Do Bluetooth Audio Receivers Work?

Let me give you some technical background regarding Bluetooth receivers. More specifically, I will discuss Bluetooth audio receivers which are designed to pick up a wireless signal containing music from a portable device. These receivers come in handy for connecting loudspeakers to a cell phones and other devices supporting Bluetooth. They have been introduced about five years ago and have been growing in numbers ever since.

Bluetooth audio receivers are actually a bit more complicated than it might seem. The basic operating principle of every Bluetooth audio receiver model is essentially the same. The first element is an antenna which is typically printed directly onto a circuit board to save costs. However, these antennae have fairly limited sensitivity. There are other receivers on the market which have a connector at the back of the unit. You can attach an external …

How to Use Wireless Speakers for Multiroom Audio

Installing music in a house can be quite a hassle. Most likely, you will have several rooms and running wires can become a challenge. Wireless speakers are an option to consider for people who don’t like hiring an installer. Many older homes are not wired for audio and as such hiring an installer would often be the only alternative. However, there some things you should know about wireless speakers before you start putting them into your home. I will offer a simple guide for picking and installing these speakers in a home.

new wireless speakers

There are several vendors such as Denon, Bose and Sonos who specialize in manufacturing multiroom audio systems. These systems comprise of speakers as well as the necessary adapters for streaming online music services. All of these wireless speakers (check here for examples) use wireless technology in order …

What to Do When Your Bluetooth Wireless Speakers Drop the Signal

Bluetooth speakers are usually quite practical. I used to own a pair of speakers that I could connect to my phone directly because the speakers themselves had an amplifier built in. So in order to stream music from my phone, all I would need to do is plug in the cable into the phone and it will work flawlessly. However, the problem was that I didn’t want to put my phone in one spot all the time. Also, every time I was leaving for work I would have to unplug the cable and then coming back home I would have to plug it back in. So I was starting to be afraid about the connector on my phone wearing out over time. I since then purchased some Bluetooth speakers. They work quite well as long as the phone is fairly …

How to Improve the Wireless Range of Cordless Speakers

When you are purchasing some wireless speakers, one of the key specifications you might have looked at is the wireless range. Simply put, the wireless range shows how far the signal from the transmitter can travel. Let’s say the specifications say 300 feet wireless range. That means that you can move the speakers at most 300 feet away from the transmitter while still being able to receive audio. But don’t be fooled by that specification. More often than not the actual range is much less than that given in the specification sheet. In this article, I’m going to look at why that is and also offer some advice for improving the wireless range of cordless speaker models.

ifinity wireless speakers from Amphony

The best method of maximizing the range of wireless speakers is to pick a good location for the transmitter. The transmitter should be …